INAGUA offers the ability to monitor the correct operation of water treatment facilities. For that we have a preventive maintenance service as well as an emergency repair service (in situ or in the workshop).

• Preventive maintenance

• INAGUA technicians are thoroughly familiar with proper sewage treatment plants machinery and purification treatment facilities, we do preventive maintenance of all equipment so that lengthen life and reduce operating costs.

• Repair and adaptation of equipment and facilities

• In cases of failure or malfunction of the equipment installed we perform repairs in the customer facilities or in our workshop.

• Training

• We offer training courses for operators of sewage treatment plants including:

• Basic principles of water purification.
• Calibration of instrumentation (pH meter, pulse oxymeter)
• Practices of common analysis (COD, SS)

• Operation of facilities.

• INAGUA, which since 1.973 has been operating part of the facilities he has done, has a technical and operational team very well prepared to carry out the operation of our customer’s plants.
You can perform different types of operation, comprehensive on-site to process online via web. That way we ensure that the process, in normal operational conditions, follows the procedures and the installation is working properly.