INAGUA-INGENIERIA DE AGUAS, S.L. is a company with over 38 years of experience in the world of water treatment, process, drinking and waste water, urban and industrial (food, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile...). Our experience and level of expertise (backed by more than 270 projects since 1973) allow us to provide capacity and flexibility to find solutions for each case.


- Our team

Graduates: Mechanical engineers, chemical, environment, biology, business management
Diploma: Telecommunications, chemical
Specialized assemblers

- Our workshop


- Classification K8e

K8e classification is the highest Spanish rating for the construction of waste water treatment plant and water purification plant. There is no budget nor size limitation.

- Classification O4a

O4a classification is the one to operate waste water treatment plants as well as water purification plants.

- ISO9001 certificate